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*Shipping charges may apply if item is over sized or address is remote.


    THE ULTIMATE Auto Parts intends to be the dominant supplier of auto parts in our market areas by offering our retail customers, professional installers, and jobbers the best combination of price and quality provided with the highest possible service level.

is Power

    The power of science and mechanics placed under one roof to facilitate the best quality material for the greatest efficiency possible to have them implemented in the most sufficient way possible.


    Orders are scheduled to meet the client within 3-5 days whereby each order will have a tracking number for the client to follow and track the order, utilizing The Ultimate’s website to track all your orders.

Lowest Price

    We provide the first lowest guaranteed prices in the UAE. As out reputation proceeds us we are willing to challenge any price given from a certified retailor in the same business giving you the full well to choose between whoever is ready to showcase a better price for you. Please note that competitors must be certified retailers (policy does not apply to resellers and marketplaces).


    Authorized retailing guarantees the client a full warranty for all purchased products fully understanding the risk you might have buying any product from unauthorized retailors where your warranty is definitely never in place, we have full authorization from the manufacturers to sell all the products we have according to their terms and policies.


    Buying products online has some sort of risk, we fully eliminate that risk by hiring the best internet security protocols and firewalls to guarantee the safety of the transactions being held on the website, and our transactions are always monitored and evaluated hourly to secure all the funds coming in and out.


    Our service comes from our deep roots and Emirati generosity, hosting your requirements with care and confidence to guarantee your satisfaction using our services, The Ultimate is all about customer care and as long you are happy we sure are happy.


    As said, your satisfaction is our main target, the care we provide for the customer is deeply incorporated with where we are from and we can never leave you without us hosting you with our kindest greetings and generosity.